SUMMARY: message header list in dtmail

From: Stefan Voss (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 06:41:45 CST


the problem is still unsolved. I got only two replies (thank you) from

They suggested, that the sender of one message was too long for the Sender field
in dtmail, or that I have a corrupt message.

This is not the case, I can force this misbehaviour, if i send a mail to myself
with my .cshrc (or any other simple file) as an attachment, I don't need
complicated M$ word files to do this.

Meanwhile, I found out, that it indeed has somehow to do with the message: all
mails which are marked with a diamond in the header list produce this behaviour.
Normally, these mails contain attachments, but sometimes not:

1. mail in HTML (yuck !) has the same effect, although no attachment is shown
   in the bottom of the dtmail window (which is not really a problem as I
   never read HTML mail, I destroy them immediately... ;-)

2. last week, I got a mail with an attachment, which was displayed properly -
   and the message header window showed no diamond.

The question is: when does dtmail mark a message header with a diamond, and why
does this corrupt the line spacing / display ????

Oh, before I forget it a second time: I did not mention, that we normally use
mwm as the window manager, but on my machine (where I have the trouble), I use


And this is my original posting:

The line spacing in the message header window of dtmail changes, if there are
mails with attachments !!!

In Mailbox -> Mail Options... -> Message header List, I have set the number of
headers to display to 10. This works fine, until I get a mail with an
attachment, then I can see only 7 headers and their spacing (not the window
size) has increased. This is INDEPENDEND from the contents of the message
display window (whether there are attachments or not).

I have changed NOTHING in my .Xdefaults, dtmail behaves fine on other machines,
so it must have something to do with my display, i.e. my newly installed OS
(dtmail is started on a remote machine, only the display is local).

My system is: SunOS astarte 5.5.1 Generic_103640-12 sun4m sparc sun4m
This is the same OS level, that I have installed on all other machines...

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