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Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 12:52:48 CST

Thanks to the numerous responses I received. . .

The general concensus was to use the cdrecord package. . .
Several others pointed me to the Dec. Issue of Sys-Admin, which was
sitting on top of a pile of unread mail. . .
Of course, now that I began researching this, my new toy was taken away,
but I will store this nugget of wisdom for later on.

Thanks again to all.

Original message:
I have just inherited a SPARCstation 20 (2.6, fully patched) with an
external cdrom writer. Since I have never had access to a cdrom writer,

I have no clue how to write to it. But now that I do have it, I would
like to be able to at least say I can use it.

Question is, do you use the same commands you would use to write to any
media device (ie, tape drive)?

If not, could someone give me a quick synopsis of commands to use with
it. (If it makes a difference, which I'm sure it doesn't, it is an MBI
LaserBank 1000)

Thanks, and will summarize.

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