SUMMARY: How do I YP on others subnets?

From: Davide Tonelli (
Date: Tue Jan 26 1999 - 19:24:49 CST

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Hi everyone,

We have a SunOS 4.1.3 server running YP. Until now the server and all of
the hosts were in the same subnet, but now we have to move the server to
another subnet while all the hosts will continue to be in the old subnet.
Is there something that I have to change in the server configuration?
I didn't found anything in the SunSolve database or in the documentation
that I have.

Thanks a lot IA



Thanks a lot to everyone, in particular to:

        Matthew Stier
        Brooke King
        Russ Poffenberger
        Earl Cooke
        Deepak Sinha
        Michael Baumann
        Raymond Wong

A SunOs 4.1.3 server running YP can't "work" with client on other subnets
because ypbind in SunOS uses broadcasts to search for a server and
broadcasts do not span routers to other subnets (thanks to Russ).

There are 2 solutions to the problem:

1) setup a slave server on every subnet.
        Any machine on the subnet can be made a slave using "ypinit -s
master_name". Then setup a NIS map called "ypservers" that lists the
machine(s) we want to push to. The standard "var/yp/Makefile" will
automatically push to all the slaves.

2) bind all clients.
        To do that use the command "ypinit -ypsetme" and then use "ypset
ip_of_server" to specify a server by IP address. This option is INSECURE
as the same system message point out. The setme option instructs ypbind
not to use broadcasting to find a server, but to go directly to a
specified one (thanks to Earl).

Thanks again for your help IA


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