SUMMARY: Adding a DLT 7000 to an E2

From: Eric B. Sobalvarro (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 20:20:10 CST

Thaks to all you you who responded, here is David Evan's
answer, which got me to the right place:

After adding a new device you need to reboot the machine so
it reconfigures
(that is probes for new devices). This can be done by
"reboot -- -r" from
the OS, a "boot -r" from the monitor prompt ("ok" prompt) or
from the
operating system "touch /etc/.reconfigure" and reboot the
system will also
work (I think it's .reconfigure but I'm at home so I can't
The last point is somewhere in the answerbooks.
I generally drop the system, add the hardware, issue a
from the monitor prompt to make sure it sees the device,
turn the device
on when I get the error from p-s-a (I generally forget to
turn it on) and
the issue a p-s-a again. If everything is fine I then issue
a "boot -r".
On an E2 I haven't had to edit any files and the file you
need to edit is
st.conf (SCSI Tape). I hope sv was a typo. Editing or adding
another file
generally won't hurt it but can make things a bit of a mess.

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