SUMMARY:Can't cat /dev/null to a file

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 17:46:07 CST

Thanks to:
Aki Sasaki
Bob Jackiewicz
Todd Herr
Brion Leary

The problem was noclobber was set in .cshrc. I obviously need to become a
little more familiar with my shells.

Thanks to the above and the future replyees.

Jeff Kennedy

Hello All,

When I try 'cat /dev/null > targetfile' I get:

targetfile: File exists.

I searched the archives but didn't find anything on this. I remember
seeing this before but forgot where I saw it. I've checked the permissions
on null (666 root:sys) under /devices as well as the link under /dev (777
root:other). The target file is 600 root:sys and is a text file. I am
logged in as root.


Jeff Kennedy

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