SUMMARY: Partitions

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 11:43:47 CST

The overwhelming majority believed that the fewer partitions you have to
deal with the better. Many of you said you used only one partition and
swap, most of you said that a /, swap, and /var partition was your method
of choice, and a few of you split it up in the more traditional style. I
will probably go with the / and /var method.

Thanks to everyone who responded (there were well over 20) but special
thanks to 2 individuals; Gary Jones and Carl Carpenter. Gary pointed out
SUN's SPF-200 OS which is scaled down and hardened to be a firewall OS.
I'm still looking into this but it sounds like a helluva way to start a
firewall. And Carl reminded me what a firewall does most when it comes to
disk space, use it up logging. I had planned to make /var about 200 MB's
but Carl's response made me re-think that plan.

Again, thanks to all of you. I appreciate your input.

Jeff Kennedy

Hello All,

What do you think is the best way to partition a disk? I am installing
Solaris 7 on a Sparc 5 that will be a firewall. It has 128 MB's and a 2.1
GB hard drive. I have heard that the old convention of multiple partitions
is no longer a real concern but would like feedback anyway.

I searched the archive's and found a response by Casper Dik to a similar
question where he stated that for a server you should have /, /var, and
maybe /opt. This means /usr would be under /. Is this a concern?


Jeff Kennedy

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