SUMMARY: Crypting filesystem

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Date: Mon Jan 25 1999 - 15:06:14 CST

        Thank you to everyone who answered:

        Craig Raskin <>
        Bob Radvanovsky <>
        Carl Carpenter <>
        Kevin Sheehan - Uniq <>
        Ralph Finch <>
        Eric D. Pancer <>
        Timothy Lorenc <>
        Reto Lichtensteiger <>
        Scott D. Yelich <>

        The original question:

        I'm looking for software package for crypting filesystem
        in device or directory basis. Any suggestions?

        The solution:

        People suggested a couple of possibilities. The one which I used
        was CFS (Cryptographic File System). CFS can be found from under the 'disk' catefory.

        Note that CFS is under US export laws and you'll propably
        compromise US national security if you download it from there
        so you should find alternate site if youre not US citizen. might be a good place to start.

        There is one slight problem with CFS. The package will compile
        and install a binary named ssh, the same as Secure SHell (the
        crypted 'telnet' client). I renamed the ssh which came with CFS.

        On the otherhand CFS was easy to install and I got it working
        without any hassles.

        Other suggestions were:
        TCFS (Transparent Cryptography File System), which can be
        found at
        LOFS (LOopback File System), which is bundled with solaris.
        rsync + ssh combination, which propably works but seems
        a bit kludgish to my taste.

        AFS (Andrew File System), didn't do any research on this. Check
        also has something in 'Protection of
        Confidential files' section. Didn't check that out though.

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