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Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 12:44:50 CST

Thanks to all who responded and offered up their suggestions on the poorly
documented facts of Solaris naming conventions. Interrestingly enough
after setting all the files correctly, everything seems to work fine
(including sendmail 8.9.2) except for the data returned from the command
nisdefaults. Anyway, try it out, let me know if yours is giving you back
erroneous FQDNs as well.

Special thanks to Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS <> for
offering a particuraly useful answer on all the junk that I was pondering.

>This works on solaris 2.x, on a sparc:
>/etc/defaultrouter for the current subnet
>/etc/hosts to contain current host
>/etc/nodename to get FQDN, eg ""
>/etc/hostname.le0 to contain (first part of... up to the ".") the
hostname, eg "solar"
>/etc/defaultdomain for yp domain (esp if changing subnets)
>/etc/resolv.conf. Locally:
> domain
> search
> nameserver # hydra, pr'y on dcs, not ece...
> nameserver # campus wide, nts
> nameserver # campus wide, nts
> nameserver # campus wide, dcs (vmsa)

Thanks to:
Eric Lewandowski <>
Nickolai Zeldovich <>
Jeff Woolsey <>
Wade Stuart <>

My Original question was as follows:

>I have searched the sun-managers and I apologize if this is already posted
>somewhere but is there any way to set a DNS domain name and a NIS domain
>name separately, i.e. not the same domain name. Currently (in Solaris 2.5,
>2.6 and 7) I have /etc/defaultdomain (with the NIS domain) and
>/etc/resolv.conf (domain entry set to DNS domain) set up, but this does not
>seem to matter.
>I am asking because I thought that there might be new fabulous things in
>Solaris 7 that are not included in any of the previous versions.
>Anyway, thanks in advance for any pointers and suggestions and I will

J S Diaz
Systems Group 617.252.1988
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