SUMMARY: remote login

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 12:41:01 CST

Thanks for all replies. Everyone point to route.
But route is not the problem. I can ping the machine, it said it is
alive. From that machine, can rlogin to my side. I just get hang there
if I rlogin to it.
Any more suggestions?
Feng Qiu


> Hello, all,
> I have a problem for remote login.
> A Sparc 5 is located in another State, I remote login is fine before.
> can not rlogin or telnet in after I reboot that system. But if I
> login another system in the same remote location, I can rlogin from
> there to that sparc 5. Any one know what is going on?
> Thanks!
> Feng Qiu

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