SUMMARY: Changing IP on 4.1.3_U1

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Date: Wed Jan 20 1999 - 03:53:26 CST

On 14-Jan-99 at 15:06:52 John Horne wrote:
> Okay, I'm being really lazy here - sorry. We have been planning to change
> our primary DNS from one system to another. To do this we will swap over
> the old IP to the new and vice-versa. This is easier than just changing the
> systems name since people use the IP address in their
> resolv.conf/resolv.cfg, etc.
> No problem. And no problem with changing the IP on a Solaris 2.6/7 system.
> But the old DNS is running SunOS 4.1.3_U1. I have had little to do with the
> old system, so am not sure what state it is truely in, and only used SunOS 4
> for a short time before we upgraded to Solaris 2 (on the other systems). So
> how do I change the machine's IP address under SunOS 4.1.3_U1?
Many thanks to the lot (!) of people who replied. It seems I already knew the
answer (basically): change the IP address in /etc/hosts

I knew this bit, but didn't know if there was anything else to change. One
admin replied that /usr/etc/install/easyinstall could be used. In our case we
edited the /etc/hosts file and then rebooted - it all worked fine except that
the ATM router played up with the other system (Solaris 2) that we changed so
we had to put everything back as it was - at least for the moment.

Others replied that changing the name/IP may require changes in the following:
  DNS database,
  NIS database,
  /etc/hostname.le0 (for example - use whatever network interface you have),
  /etc/defaultrouter - if your subnet changes
  NTP configuration
  any static routes (grepping the files in /etc for the current IP address
                     being worthwhile)

To enable the changes either reboot or use ifconfig to enable the new IP

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