SUMMARY: Jumpstart and pkgadd

From: Dave Wreski (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 17:03:20 CST

I wrote:

> I've created a few custom packages. These packages include pre- and
> post-install scripts that add a new user that will own the contents of the
> package.

> The problem is that the 'pkgadd -R /a' doesn't honor the fact that the new
> user was added to /a/etc/passwd, not /etc/passwd. As a result, the pkgadd
> fails to find the correct ownership for the files in the archive, because
> it is looking in the wrong spot.

Basically, it's a bug in pkgadd. My solution was to add the packages after
the first boot, much to my dislike. I structured my whole install around
installing packages before the first boot.

Another solution is to use NIS/NIS+ instead of text files, which was another
thing I avoided, due to it's unnecessary complexity, and the fact that none
of the clients I install use NIS or NIS+.

Yet another workaround is to use chroot, and mount the server somewhere
in the new root. This has the consequence of not being able to get to
the server's /etc/mnttab, but that was easily solved by doing:

cat /etc/mnttab | grep "^/dev/" >> $NEWROOT/etc/mnttab

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