SUMMARY: Quota's for whole volume

Date: Fri Jan 15 1999 - 15:16:30 CST

Thanks to everyone who responded:
Nickolai Zeldovich <>

Working URL's for the sun-managers list archive are:

Most of the feedback I got for the question regarding quotas for an
entire volume without using edquota was a no.

Others have suggested other ways of doing it.
A) use edquota -p (profile copied from a generic user) to set up a
user's quota when you add him to the system (

B) Write a shell script which uses awk to get the last few names in
passwd and then does and edquota with the -p option (prototype)

Thanks again!


> Hello Managers!
> Quick question, Is it possible to setup quota's on an entire
> volume/slice ? (i.e The whole /home2/quota) If I add a user and set
> their home directory to /home2/quota/newuser, They would have
> imposed instead of me having to use edquota. Can someone point me
> a working URL that has the sun-managers archive? Thanks in advance!
> --Kai

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