SUMMARY: SUN Storedge Volume Manager 2.6

From: ganeshan (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 18:15:12 CST

Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the delayed summary as I just got it working yesterday. The solution was to disable DMP functionality in Veritas.
Managed to get hold of release notes from Veritas which mentioned the steps to follow.
In short to disable DMP support,
1. unmount all the file system created on vol manager volumes ( in my case vol manager was failing to initialise)
2.stop vol manager ( vxdctl stop)
3.remove or rename /kernel/drv/vxdmp
4.comment out or remove entires in /etc/system ( forceload: drv/vxdmp)
5.remove or rename volume manager DMP files
 rm -rf /dev/vx/dmp /dev/vxrdmp
6 create symbolic links
ln -s /dev/dsk /dev/vx/dmp and ln -s /dev/rdsk /dev/vx/rdmp
7.shutdown and reboot

I would like to thank Vjay Lescoe for his numerous reply . His replies were centred around
the licensing issue. In his words
>If it is not a sun A5000 you don't have a license to use veritas. You need
>purchase the Server suite edition. This comes with the Veritas volume
>and the Veritas filesystem. The A5000 automatically allows you to use the
>veritas products off the Solaris CDrom.

Larry Chin {} suggested to revert back to Sun storedge manager 2.5
you might want to go back to Sun Storedge Volume Manager 2.5. I've found
that 2.6 is a bit flakey. We ran up 2.6, had some absolutely horrible
things happen to our E5000/A5000 system and promptly went back to v2.5, at
which point we were once again in our happy place

thanks again everybody

orignal mesg

    I am hoping for some advice on Sun Storedge Volume Manager 2.6 as my attempts to find in
    the Sun docs and faq are in vain.
    We have a customer who wishes to install Sun Storedge Volume manager on Ultra 2 , solaris 2.6 (5/98).
    The Ultra 2 has a fibre channel RAID connected through JNI SBUS card.
    The RAID as such works fine with Solaris ( In the sense that you can format, create newfs and
    mount the partitions and work with them). but when vxinstall is run, it fails to initialise
    the following error mesg are seen and the m/c hangs but the process can be killed by ctrl c
    Volume Manager Custom Installation
    Menu: VolumeManager/Install/Custom
      The following is a summary of your choices.
            c1t0d0 New Disk
    Is this correct [y,n,q,?] (default: y)
      The Volume Manager is now reconfiguring (partition phase)...
      Volume Manager: Partitioning c1t0d0 as a new disk.
      The Volume Manager is now reconfiguring (initialization phase)...
      Volume Manager: Adding disk01 (c1t0d0) as a new disk.
    vxvm:vxdisk: ERROR: Device c1t0d0s2: online failed:
            Disk is not usable
      Definition of c1t0d0 failed.
    Also , though there are two LUNs on controller 1 ( ie c1t0d0s0 and c1t0d1s0), vxinstall sees only one LUN.
    The following packages are installed on the system SUNWssadv , SUNWssaop . Should the SUNWssahd
    be installed ?
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Will summarise
    thanks and best regards
    Ganeshan Srinivasan,
    Graphics Computer Systems,
    97 Highbury Road, Burwood,Vic3125
    ph:98888522 fax:98888511

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