SUMMARY: S-BUS SCSI controller - serious problems

From: Mason Loring Bliss (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 14:42:14 CST

My question:

> My problem: I've gotten two different S-BUS SCSI controllers now, and
> installed them on our boxes. I've tried both an Ultra One and an Ultra
> Two. In both cases, with the SCSI card installed the system fails to
> boot. With the Ultra One, the monitor never gets signal. With the Ultra
> Two, the monitor gets signal, but the system never gets around to
> displaying anything.
> I know the slots aren't the problem - I moved the S-BUS video card in
> the Ultra One from its normal spot to one of the slots in which I tried
> the SCSI card, and it worked fine.
> Is there anything I need to do to get a plain vanilla S-BUS SCSI controller
> to work in my machines? I've had two cards seemingly fail, and another card
> I had a vendor send to a customer of mine directly failed as well, in the
> same fashion.
> While it's possible that I've simply gotten three bad SCSI cards in a row,
> it doesn't seem very likely, statistically...

The answer:

The cards are broken.

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