SUMMARY: Help - yppasswdd not doing a make after yppasswd

From: Dave (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 13:43:31 CST

  The original question is at the end.
  I figured this out by accident, after I asked for help. I read through
the Managing NIS and NFS book (we ALL have that.... RIGHT!!), and the
section that deals with yppasswdd says to use the command:
/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m passwd DIR=/var/yp
  And then explains that yppasswd is passing everything after the -m to
make in a /bin/sh, so it translates to:
# (cd /var/yp; make passwd DIR=/var/yp)
  Which DOESN'T WORK. It fails with:
make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `/var/yp/passwd'

  But, take off the DIR=/var/yp and it DOES work:
# (cd /var/yp; make passwd)
  So I changed the rc.local entry to:
/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m passwd
  And everything worked great.

  Now whenever a user uses yppasswd to change their password, within 5 min
the NIS databases are changed, and everyone is happy (with passwords at
  AND - Since a large population of my users are M$ Windoze, I am running
the poppasswd program on the pop servers, and that allows them to use
Eudora to change their "network" passwords.

  There were several suggestions to put an entry in the crontab to run make
once an hour (or pick your time interval). But only one had the right
answer. I include it below:

  "First, you should remove the DIR=/var/yp argument to make(1), since
the DIR macro in /var/yp/Makefile denotes the location of the "source"
files - in your case "/etc", which as I remember it is the default.
Second, we have had just about the same problem and ended up removing
the -m option altogether and putting the following into root's crontab:

        12,32,52 6-20 * * * cd /var/yp; make passwd >/dev/null

which worked nicely. I still have no idea why it didn't work in the
first place, but in the meantime, we have moved our NIS master to
another machine."

+++ Original Question +++

  I just noticed this, so I guess it can't be TOO bad, but...

  SunOS 4.1.4 running as NIS master.

  The master NIS server is running
             /usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /etc/passwd -m passwd DIR=/var/yp

  On a client machine, the user runs yppasswd and changes their NIS
password successfully. But, the new password is not used until I do a
"make" on the NIS Master in the /var/yp directory.

  The NIS master uses the /etc/passwd file, and the client yppasswd change
DOES get written to Master /etc/passwd file, but then I have to do a make
to get the NIS DB updated.

  Shouldn't the yppasswdd force a "make passwd" in the /var/yp directory
after the user changes their password?

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