Summary : No: PS units for E450

Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 03:28:14 CST

Question :
              Hello Sun-Managers

              I have a Sun E450 Enterprise machine
              I have 4 internal hard disks of 4.1 GB
              [ Seagate Barracuda ST34371WC ]
              and one Power Supply Unit
              I need to add one more 4.1GB Disk
              I understand that I need to buy a 8 bay expansion unit
              to add the new hard disk.
              Do I need to have another power supply unit for this.
              I also need to have one more PS unit for redundancy.
              My question is whether I need a total of 3 PS units
              (1 for redundancy) when I add in a new hard disk.

Answer and Summary :

                Many Managers replied and most of them said when a 8 bay
expansion unit is added for the 5th disk, you need to have another PS
unit. and for Redundancy one more.

Some managers told that 2 may be enough, and few of them suggested to
look into the E450 Owners' hand book or some other manual like that
(which I don't have). There is a chapter in that manual which explains
how to calculate the number of Power supply units needed for the system.

Thanks to all Managers who responded.


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