SUMMARY: Additional TCP/IP values needed

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Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 13:01:59 CST

This is the summary concerning the query displaying additional tcp/ip values from the kernel:

Thank you to all respondents as the solutions and suggestions were varied.

It would appear that netstat -k is the easiest. In my case it dumps all the values
which I was interested in that are defined in the qe.h / hme.h header files etc.
Shaun O'Connor
Brad Young
Peter Polasek
Mark Mellman
Robert Montjoy

SE toolkit respondents.
From: "Rose, Robert" <> for SE toolkit that Cockroft mentions in his book
netstat -k respondents (undocumented parameter)

From: "Shaun O'Connor" <>
From: Brad Young <>
From: Peter Polasek
>From un-documented netstat -k.

 Command: netstat -k

Lots'O detailed stuff

ipackets 519427 ierrors 0 opackets 459585 oerrors 1 collisions 15
defer 993 framing 0 crc 0 oflo 0 uflo 0 missed 0 late_collisions 0
retry_error 0 nocarrier 0 inits 7 notmds 0 notbufs 0 norbufs 0
nocanput 0 allocbfail 0 rbytes 523680546 obytes 82556807 multircv 0 multixmt 0
brdcstrcv 53860 brdcstxmt 723 norcvbuf 0 noxmtbuf 0

More detailed stuff...

Other sources of info respondents.

Look up Adrian Cockroft's articles in SunWorld Online.
He has a column about performance related issues. Quite a few articles
are dedicated to a tool called SymbEl. This is a kind of C-like
interpreted language with direct access to the kernel stuff.

Perhaps some of the ready-made SymbEl programs will do what you want.
If not, SymbEl could be the easiest platform to do what you want.


And also a thank you to Robert Montjoy who sent an example program of how
to determine the values from the kernel.

Original query: (Shortened for brevity)


    I am currently looking for a way to dump the values for errors etc for the
 ethernet interfaces.
 I am aware that netstat gives the following:

Name Mtu Net/Dest Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Collis Queue

hme0 1500 somehost 24306377 18 29949941 84 171107 0
                                                    ^ ^ ^
 I am interested in finding more information as to the type of error which was logged
 as Ierrs, Oerrs and if possible the collision type.

 Digging around in the header files I find there are other values which appear to
 get registered ie...

 I would like some help in determining how to display some of what appears to be error
 values such as hme_sqerr,hme_lenerr, etc.

 I suspect one would need to use adb on the kernel as I have not found any way to
 display the values using ndd unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in my attempts
 at using adb.

 Any pointers as to its usage other than the PANIC book by Drake / Brown would be

 This is from the hme.h file as an example:

  kstat_t *hme_ksp; /* kstat pointer */
         kstat_t *hme_intrstats; /* kstat interrupt counter */
          * These three are used for qfe devices. All the four hme devices
          * on single QFE board point to single qfe structure, hme_qfe.

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