SUMMARY: Install problems: Symon2.0 + Sol 7

From: Thomas Lester (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 09:43:35 CST

Thanks to John Painter for giving the responce below. Basically, GNUtar untars
the archive wrong. If you use Sun's tar, it works fine.

Thanks John!


>My experience installing Symon 2.0 on Sol 2.7 on an Ultra-2 was very
>What I found was that when I un-tarred the packages using GNU tar a number
>of the very long pathnames (mostly server component config files) were not
>found during the install. However, if I used the Sun supplied tar program to
>un-tar the package files it worked fine.

>-----Original Message-----
>>I have downloaded the latest Symon 2.0 to test out and can't get it
>>It appears that the pkg's that came with it have incorrect path names
>>files included. I can install all the agents and console pkgs, I just
>>install the server component. I have tried moving some files "manually"
>>the proper locations, but then I get checksum errors.
>>I'm trying to install this onto an Ultra 1 running Solaris 7.
>>Has anyone installed this successfully? Did you have simular problems? If
>>how did you get around it?
>>I'll summarize.

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