SUMMARY: JPEG to TIFF converter

From: Amjad Zamil (
Date: Sat Jan 09 1999 - 16:38:11 CST

Hi Sun Managers,

 Thanx for all who replied.
 My original question was :

 Can any one point me to a freeware command-line jpeg-2-tiff converter
 that runs on Solaris 2.x ?

 I got alot of replies pointing me to different utilities :

  pbm toolkit
  ImageMagick suite
  libpng suite
  I tried ImageMagick and it was exactly what I was looking for.It consists of set
  of utilities.One of them is convert.It works as follows:

     convert infile format:outfile

  i.e. to convert file1.jpg to file2.tiff,

     convert file1.jpg tiff:file2.tiff

  Thanx for such a great list, especially to:



  Jason Marshall
  Gerhard den Hollander
  Brian T. Wightman
  Niall O Broin
  Bryan Blackburn
  Richard Skelton
  Asim Zuberi
  Matthew Stier
  Adams, Chad M CRL
  Tim Evans
  Tim Fritz
  John Painter

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