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Thanks very much for the multiples answers.

My original question:
>Anybody know if are there any available font with the symbol of euro to
>use in Solaris?

And thanks to:
 Ray Trzaska
 Nikos George
 Val (vpopa)
 Antonio Corral
 Troy Wollenslegel

The solution is:

from Suns webpage at ----


  The Operating System

    At the SolarisTM operating system level, Sun is providing input,
output and
    printing support for the euro currency sign as follows:
    Current users of Solaris 2.5, 2.5.1 and 2.6 releases can obtain a
    patch free of charge, which provides support for the euro sign in
    these releases. These patches are available for downloading from

    The new Solaris 7 release is shipping "euro-currency ready"

    Future releases of Solaris will support the euro sign as of their
    availability dates

    Applications that use only proprietary fonts, ie. do not use Solaris
    fonts, will not be able to display the euro sign. In order to
provide this
    functionality, an appropriate euro font design has to be
implemented. We
    suggest you consult your application vendors for the necessary

    The euro sign for Java will be available in JDKTM 1.1.7 future

    Visit our For Developers section for more technical information.


    Provided that a version of Solaris containing the euro sign is being
used, all
    Sun keyboards will be able to handle the euro sign by using a
    of keys. This is in accordance with the proposal defined by the
    Commission "Recommendation for the placement of the euro sign on
    computer keyboards and similar information processing equipment" v
1.5.1 of
    June 19, 1998.

    Sun's new type 6 workstation keyboard is planned for first release
with euro
    sign keyswitch imprint in February 1999.


Antonia Gomez Gonzalez
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