SUMMARY: upgrading uShare to TAS

From: Danny Cox (
Date: Fri Jan 08 1999 - 05:33:45 CST

Thankyou all for the responses to this. The general consensus seems to
that there's no easy way of doing it. There is a conversion utility
which JPY
in the UK ( sell to convert from uShare to Ethershare. It
possible to import Ethersare data into TAS. This utility is licensed by
and costs around 1200 sterling.

One other mechanism suggested to me was to use StuffIt or BinHex to
the files into one. This includes all the resource information and
StuffIt files at
least will survie a move from one mechanism to another. I had netatalk
and TAS
available at that moment and it worked via that. It won't be quick
however as
StuffIt compresses files, as well as archiving them - hence the BinHex
It's still not ideal but it's an option.

Thanks to Rick Reineman, Gary Litwin, Sam Nelson, Syntax support and
for their helpl If anyone else has suggestions I'll be VERY interested
to hear them.

Danny Cox

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