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From: Haicheng Yu (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 22:21:33 CST

Thanks for <>
                  James Ford []

Mwang told me to run catman ¨Cw ¨CM /usr/share/man to update the windex
I have a try , when I type man ¨Cs 8 sendmail, it still not work. But I type
man sendmai.8 , it show me the right man page.
Marina.Daniels also told me running catman to reproduce the windex.
James ford told me to check the permission of sendmail.8. But it is 644
Mark.Neill told me mv sendmail.8 to /usr/share/man/man8 . I try and I modify
the file, but still not work.

So I could use this man page throgh more or cat command instead of man ¨Cs 8
sendmail, or man sendmail.8 .
Thaks all of you.

My original question is:

Hi Managers:
I compiled sendmail.8.9.1 today, and I do Build install, then it copy
sendmail.8 to /usr/share/man/cat8 directory.When I use man -s 8 sendmaill,
it shows me the sendmail.8 file . But when I copy this file to another
machine¡¯s /usr/share/man/cat8 diretory, I use man -s 8 sendmaill, it tells
me No entry for sendmail in section(s) 8 of the manual. So I want to know
which file should I modify also .

Yu Haicheng
Asiainfo Computer network

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