SUMMARY: Problem installing Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 6.1.1 Update 1

From: Chin Fang (fangchin@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 17:30:57 CST

Dear fellow Sun Managers,

I have decided to issue this "SUMMARY" even before I have received
anything from anyone on this list, to benefit others.

Right after I thought I was at my wit's end, I decided to check with
Sun Microsystems, Inc' Post Sale Technical Support. An Sun engineer
pointed me to two recently released Sun StorEdge RAID Manager,
patch IDs 106513-01 and 106552-02. After installing the two patches.
The system came up without a hitch.

I am on my way to further configure this A1000 with RAID Manager 6.1.1 Update
1 + two patches.


Chin Fang
------------------------------ original post --------------------------------
Dear fellow Sun Managers,
I have spend quite a few hours trying to make Sun StorEdge RAID Manager 1.1.1
Update 1 working on a Sun Ultra IIi AXi based system.
Hardware details:
Ultra IIi AXi 333 Mhz, 256 MB RAM 1 4G 10000 RPM Segate Ultra Wide SCSI HD,
OpenBoot 3.10.6 SME
RAID Sun StorEdge A1000 with 4 9G 10000 UltraSCSI HDs
Opearting system: Solaris 7 (the End User cluster is installed, with
the addition of a few additional packages required by the RAID Manager
(such as SUNWvts, SUNWvtsmn, SUNWvtsx from the Software Supplement CD
of the Solaris 7 OS distribution).
No patches applied.
After installation, I did
o /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -g0 -i0
o boot -r
When the system reboots, right after the Sun banner, I immediately
see the following two error messages:
WARNING: forceload of drv/rdnexus failed
WARNING: forceload of drv/rdriver failed
Then the system hangs for a while, and then repeats the above two
message one more time, and proceeds to finish the reboot. The rdac
daemons dump out a lot hex error messages to the console.
After the system is ready, login as root and check the installation,
only the arraymon daemon runs, the rdaemon doesn't. So obviously the
installation failed. I already reinstalled the RAID Manager twice,
the first time I pkgrmed all 5 packages SUNWosar SUNWosafw SUNWosamn
SUNWosau SUNWvtsse, and then did the reinstallation.
Same errors (yes, I did issued a boot -r afterwards).
The second time, I overwrote the installed package, issued a boot -r
and again same errors.
I am at my wit's end now. Would appreciate any pointers or hints.
Chin Fang

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