SUMMARY: 2 headed Ultra 60

From: Hoehnke, Rick (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 16:51:33 CST

Thanks for all the responses folks but nothing suggested seemed to fit the
bill. What ended up working was re-installing operating system from scratch
with the second card (the m64) installed. It looks like Solaris tries to
take an intellegent approach to software installations and only tries to add
software support for installed hardware, which explains the lack of m64
support prior to my installation of the m64 card after the OS was installed.

It does not explain why simply adding the missing packages and patches
refused to get the adaptor working, I certainly cringe about the prospect of
having to re-install the OS on my U-60's every time I add a piece of
hardware !!!.

Anyways enough of my whining ..... thanks again all ....


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> Greetings all .... I am having bigtime problems getting a new Ultra 60 to
> recognize a second graphics adaptor. The U60 is running Solaris 2.5.1
> hw11/97 and is correctly patched according to the local support engineers.
> The graphics card is a PGX 8-bit PCI graphics card and is installed in the
> first PCI slot (slot 2, the first available 33Mhz PCI slot). From the boot
> prom, "show-devs" does reveal the card so it does'nt seem to be a problem
> with the hardware itself or bootprom compatibility. When I do
> reconfiguration boots however, about the furthest I get is that "prtconf"
> sees the adaptor, but never seems to attach a driver to it.
> Anyone been through this one before ???
> Thanks in advance ..... will summarize.
> Rick
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