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From: Paul H. Yoshimune (paul@katana.com)
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 12:52:20 CST

Many thanks to the list; you've saved the day again! Specifically,

mrs@cadem.mc.xerox.com ("Michael Salehi x22725")
"Miller Sutfin" <msutfin@mho.net>
Sean Ward <sdward@uswest.com>
mwang@tech.cicg.ml.com (Michael Wang)
"D. Redmond" <dale@ccny.com>
"Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram" <mparamas@iupui.edu>
u-kevin@megami.veritas.com (Kevin Sheehan - Uniq)
Wade Stuart <wstuart@osagemn.com>
Nadya Williams <nadya@rai.ucsd.edu>

Most just said to get a chip puller and be done with it, or use a screwdriver.
Miller, Meenakshisundaram, and Nadya, however, provided the cruicial bit of
information - the carrier that the NVRAM sits in is also removed. Following is
the full text of Nadya's reply (most comprehensive), as well as my original


Well, I did it on Ultra II which is not too different from the Ultra I.
I had the same trouble you did, and talked to SUN a few times asking them for
a support. They FAXed me a System Board and Componetnt replacement document
which said (verbatum) :

To remove NVRAM/TOD:
1 Power-off the system.
2. Remove the unit cover.
3. Attach the wrist strap.
4. Locate the NVRAM/TOD and carrier on the system board.
5. Grasp the NVRAM/TOD carrier at eash end. Lift the NVRAM/TOD carrier
   straight up.
   Note - Gently wiggle the NVRAM/TOD as necessary.
6. Place the NVRAM/TOD and carrier on an antistatic surface.

I did 1-4 quite easily, but when it came to 5, i got stack. NO amount of genlte
wiggling did the trick. The NVRAM was firmly rooted and did not want to get out.
Finally, after another call to Sun Tech Support, I got another advise :
"Yank it with all the force you have". At this point I was enough desperate and
angry, so I did as advised. The NVRAM/TOD did come out, and so did my nails.
The "carrier" they talk about is not really much to grip, it is a black socket
that the NVRAM sits in, and it comes out as one unit with NVRAM. I am glad the
designer of this particular grip was far away from me at the time of a removal.
As far as inserting the replacement NVRAM, it is easier, and the carrier is
keyed so the NVRAM can be installed only one way.
Have some some bandages on hand (just in case), and something to mollify your
feelings after performing your surgery. Good luck! ;-)

Nadya Williams


Original question:


Well, it's time to replace the NVRAM in an Ultra 1 we have, so I diligently
read the NVRAM FAQ, procured the appropriate IC, gathered the relevant
information, and set about the task. Unfortunately, once I got the cover off,
I couldn't physically remove the original NVRAM! There isn't much to grip, as
it sits in a socket of some sort. Before I go completely nuts and get out the
pliers, is there some trick to getting that chip out? Thanks a bunch...summary
to follow, of course.

Paul H. Yoshimune

-- Paul H. Yoshimune paul@katana.com

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