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From: Lawson, Tony (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 10:49:22 CST

Many thanks for the prompt replies to my question....

I am looking for a window-based IMAP/POP3 mail client to run under both
Solaris-2 and Linux. Something that looks like mailtool would be ideal. We
have Pine but the interface is keystroke-based, and it's difficult to
convince those used to mailtool to move to Pine.

Most of the replies stated Netscape. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that
although a candidate, Netscape has a rather large executable, and takes ages
to load on relatively old Sun systems, of which we have a few in student

Other sugestions... FAQ has a list of GUI mailreaders for Unix/X-Windows.

sun has an imap mail client available for free. search around on
or have a look at

Solaris mailtool does support IMAP.

The dtmail in CDE is derived from mailtool and it supports IMAP.

Look for xfmail. Works great. I use it everywhere.

I like the imap/pop3 client from the Univ. of Washington: (UW Imap server)

Tony Lawson

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