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My original question:

> I have NIS server installed in a SunOS 4.1.1 and I want to install it in a
> Solaris 2.7. I have workstations with SunOS 4.1.3_U1, Solaris 2.5.1 and
> Solaris 2.7. I don't know if I install NIS or NIS+ in NIS-compatibility mode.
> Are you using NIS+? What do you recommend to install?

I think I will stay with NIS.

Here are some replies:

I expect most people will say it depends on the size of the network and how
sensitve you are to securtiy issues.

For most non-huge networks, NIS is far esier to manage.

If you are happy with NIS, I would say stick with it.

Ian Collins
I think that you do not install NIS and NIS+. They have same problems of
I think you need support OTHER options and late install BIND (DNS) system.

We use NIS+ here, and I'm always having problems with it. I don't
recommend you use NIS+, but rather NIS in the compatibility mode. It takes
a little more work since you have to maintain the tables manually, but in
the long run, it causes much less headaches.

Jeff Wimmer
I personally like NIS+ because of the command line control it provides.
You can allow authorized users to make updates, keeping me from jumping
to a root shell to managae the maps. One thing which aggravated me: the
solstice tool. Install all the patches for this guy or you are in a
world of pain :). One thing I have not tried and you may want to
examine is NIS+ via the Easy Access Server. All the data is actually
kept in a LDAP database instead of a Sun prop database. It looks really
cool, but I have not had a chance to play with it yet.

Satisfied with NIS? Stick with NIS.

Matthew Lee Stier
Make your 2.7 box a NIS+ server, then run the SunOS boxes in NIS compatibility
mode. I am doing this and it works fine...

Matt Reynolds
NIS is the way to go. I haven't used NIS+ for a couple of years, so it may
not be the nightmare now that it was then, but it was very difficult to

To gove you an idea of how I feel, we recently migrated from NIS+ back to NIS
(YP), and are much happier as a result.

FYI, Sun uses NIS, not NIS+.

You need
system SUNWnisr Network Information System, (Root)
system SUNWnisu Network Information System, (Usr)
system SUNWypr NIS Server for Solaris (root)
system SUNWypu NIS Server for Solaris (usr)

Then you just use the standard NIS commands ( not NIS+ in NIS compatability mode

Steve Butterfield.
I had a similar problem. Fortunately Solaris 2.7 comes with all the NIS
stuff you need. Just copy the map text files over, edit the make file in
/var/yp and build normally. It might be easier to build it with a new NIS
domain name then bind the clients to the new domain. This avoids the
problem with transferring master servers and allows easier recovery if
something goes wrong.

Bill Hebert
With Sun's commitment to NIS+ waning and NIS's easier use, I'd
choose NIS right now. In fact, I did.

Brooke King
NIS+ is a dead product:LDAP type of directory services will replace it.
My recommendation would be stay with NIS for the time being.


Thank you to:
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Cristina Nunes

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