SUMMARY: paging software?

Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 19:43:00 CST

     I need some public domain software that I can run on a unix system
     (solaris 2.x), that will send messages to pagers and mobile phones
     Any recommendations/pointers where to look?
     Thank you to the huge number of people that replied, too many to list
     individually.I ended up choosing `sendpage' which was very easy to
     configure and is working well.
     The suggestions were as follows:
     (Many people in favour of this)
     available from:
     QuickPage! (qpage)
     (Many people in favour of this)
      "I have used sendpage and am now trying qpage because sendpage group
     support doesn't work."
     "Paging more than one pager at once requires creating a separate
     "group" and putting all the individual pagers into it. I don't think
     epage required that, but epage costs money.
     You can find it at
>Try the"Pagers with Unix connections" page at
     "Best place on the net for Sun serial stuff."
     We have used "nocol" in the past for systems monitoring. It has a
     nicefeature of escalating severities. Also, its extensible and comes
     with a plethora of utilities for monitoring different services (ie
     DNS, Radius etc). It has been renamed "snips" and can be found @
     http://kelly.etude. com/
      "Hylafax" which is a fax package which also provides paging
     and "TAP"
     Get a copy of tpage.
     Works great, but some pieces need Perl 4.036 and don't work in Perl 5,
     unless someone has fixed it.
     and Commercial packages
     "etherpage" works very well, it's also capable to >transmit messages
     over TCP/IP. I found some info at
     Thanks again!

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