Summary: Recommeded patches broke Sendmail!

From: Grant Schoep (
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 11:37:23 CST

Great response! Its nice to come in the morning and have about 50
emails(!!) of people trying to help you.

I solved my problem. My biggest problem was that I was comparing to another
machine, that wasn't working correctly either, of course, I didn't try it
on that machine.
A patch in the Recommended patches over writes the older style
with a newer one. This was my first thought, and I just copied the from another similar machine, and hoped everything was fixed.
Well, the on that other machine was an incorrect one too.
Nobody ever noticed on that machine since they all use POP3. All I had to
do was copy a from a good machine, and it works fine.
Apparently, sendmail gets upgraded to 8.9 and overwrites the old .cf file.
It seems to be patch 105395. The old file seems to work fine,
but I figure I will try to fix the new version, since it probablly uses
some new things in the newer version of sendmail.

Thanks to everyone here. This is a great group. I wish there was a mailing
list this good for every OS I need to maintain. Only other mailing list I
fonud that was this good was an OpenVMS list, and I don't need to work with
that anymore.

Ok, here is my original Post.

>I just installed the(Jan 4, 1998ver) Recommemend patches for 2.6 on my
SS20 and it broke sendmail. I'm not our inhouse sendmail expert, and he is
on vacation. It doesn't look like the patch.install changed anything in
/etc/mail. Well here is our setup, and what is happening.
>We have a Solaris 2.5 NIS+ server that does all the mail serving.
>The machine I installed the recommended patches on was as SS20 Solaris 2.6
>It worked just fine before the patch install.
>Now,If I send mail to grant (thats me) it just disappears.
>If I send mail to, it gets there just fine.
>One more peice of info. When I send mail, with the full address, and it
goes through it says its from, when from all the
other machines(that work normally) it just says its from
>I am also suddenly getting mails from our local Postmaster, saying this is
a system message, delete.
>Something seems messed up here.
>Has anyone heard of any problems with these recommended patches? Any clues
as to what patch I could try to backout? I'm at a loss to this problem. I
can't think of any thing else to try. By the way, the machine still
receives mail, it just just doesn't seem to be sending stuff correctly.
Please help. I will give any other information you may thing is useful.
> -grant
Grant Schoep,
System/Network Administrator
L3 Communications Telemetry & Instrumentation
San Jose,CA (408)271-0800, Ext. 135

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