Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 04:13:20 CST

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I'm experiencing a problem with moving our nis passwd file onto a new
server. First, everytime I run pwconv I get a reduced passwd file along
with a new but reduced shadow file. Reduce meaning only 10 or so
accounts get pulled out of the old passwd file! Second, my root
password doesn't work any longer.

The Fix!!

Thanks to Scott Iseminger, for the following clue.
I would check the entries in the old password file around the spot where
the "conversion" quits. We had a similiar problem with pwconv and it
stops where there is a "bad" entry (not enough fields or the login name
was longer than 8 characters).

Thanks to Andrew Bloodworth.

This sounds like somebody has been editing your passwd file. Have you
got any comment lines in the file or can you check that each line has
the correct number of fields?
I once had a similar problem that I put down to a bug in the "vi" editor
leaving strange characters behind. The way I fixed it was to take a copy
of the passwd file off the media CD and build it manually in an editor.

I found one too many " : " colons for one entry in the passwd file.



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