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Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 16:07:35 CST

Original message. . .

Hopefully an easy question I'm just having brain freeze on. .

I'm running 2.6 on a sparcserver20 that is acting as both my home
directory host and my mail host.

Is there anyway that I can force mail that is sent to a blocked user to
be returned to the sender? I don't want to have to remove the user,
just in case he "comes back into the fold," but I don't want him to be
able to receive mail. At the same time, I don't want someone to send
him mail, thinking that he is still a valid user.

I have blocked a test user using admintool, and have done a "sendmail
-bv baduser" to verify, and
it comes back as being a deliverable user.

Am I asking for too much here?

Many quick returns. . .thanks ( in no particular order ) to:
Todd Herr
Alon Friedman
Roy Rapoport
Jon LaBadie
Steve Boyko
Greg Polanski
Claus Assmann
V.Q. Hoang
Charlie Mengler
Rick Lantaigne
Roger Fujii

Most of your solutions dealt with using the redirect feature in
sendmail, or using vacation, or simply
zeroing out the permissions on the mail file. Because this was (I found
out later) a once in a while thing, I basically used a little of some of
the help and some quick meatball surgery on my behalf. . .

I ended up forwarding the users mail to a non-existant mail user,
disabled_user, so that when mail hit that non-existant account, it would
bounce a message back to the sender saying that
disabled_user (expanded from : <> ) is an unknown
user. At least the sender
will get something back, and if they have a problem, maybe they can
contact the delinquent user by some other means and tell them to pay
their bill.

Thanks again.

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