SUMMARY #2 Desktop spanning multiple screens sought.

From: Daniel Kluge (
Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 03:22:49 CST

Hello again,
even more people dropped in, with additional suggestions. Here the
updated Summary, you may delete the previous one.

The most common answer was X/BigX from xsoftware, to be found at

Another Package which does the same is Quadrate from OilField
Systems, which seems to be a little bit cheaper. To be found at
In this context also PCS ( was mentioned
twice as distributor.

And at last, there was a Free utility mentioned: xmove from the
X11R6 Distribution, but this one is in beta since '97. To be found at

Other suggestions: Reflection X (this is a PC X-Server, not what I
was looking for), and Parallax Video Cards including Drivers.

There were also several people under the impression, that I had
problems with getting a dual-headed config to run. Well I can assure
you, we have run Dual-Headed setup for years, and are still running
under Solaris 2.[356], SunOS 4.1 using CDE and mwm/tdesktop.
But none of those allow you to move Windows from one screen to
another, the screens are separated from the application's perspective.

Thanx to:
    Dieter Gobbers <>
    Casper Dik <> (Johnie Stafford)
    "Day, David" <>
    "Brandon K. Devlin" <>
    "Howard Boggs" <>
    Mike Fletcher <>
    Jason Marshall <>
    Josef Sachs <>
    Steve Butterfield <>
Original question:

> I searched the whole lot, but didn't find the exact solution, so we
> reiterate again:
> A User requested to have a single Desktop (under Solaris 2.6),
> similar to our Dual-Headed NT Machines, where the desktop spans
> both Screens (with all assorted nasties, that arise from this setup).
> I know, this is quite tricky, since the usual setup is to have a X-
> Server per screen, and a Desktop per screen.
> I know that there is at least one commercial solution for this, but
> cannot recall the name/manufacturer. The solution doesn't have to be
> CDE, it just has to work :-)
> TIA, will summarize,
> -daniel

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