SUMMARY: Kermit vs dialin

From: Seth Rothenberg (
Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 08:52:05 CST

Thanks again to sun-managers!

I wrote
> I now find that after I have used kermit to dial
> out, dialin no longer works. It appears that
> kermit is changing the modem settings and not
> restoring them. When I run tip and issue the
> modem command AT&F&D2Q2S0=1&C1&W, dialin works
> again.

Thanks to Glenn Satchell and Eugene Kramer
who recognized the symptoms...

Glenn Satchell <> wrote:
++ We use &D3 rather than &D2 to reset the modem
++ each time you hang up so that it gets returned
++ to a sane state.

This did the trick. Thanks, Glenn.

Thanks also to Tim Iskander
who mentioned Celeste Stokely's great modem page:

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