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From: Jason Lam (
Date: Sun Dec 28 1997 - 05:46:59 CST

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I am having problems with my /home, I cannot create any dir under /home
and even useradd -m won't work. Whenever I tried to create a dir at /home,
it gives me a message saying that mkdir: Failed to make directory "lamj";
Operation not applicable.

I checked my mkdir with another dir and it's ok, it's just the /home dir.
The /home dir permission is dr-xr-xr-x. Owner is root and I did everything
from root.

Since I am getting this problem, I wanted to delete that dir and start
another /home, rm -rf /home will give me Unable to remove directory /home:
device busy. This happens even when /home is empty.

An suggestion would be appreciated. I will post a Summary.

THANKS to all those that responsed.

John Mendenhall
Eugene Kramer (Thanks for your fast response)
Richard Skelton

Richard pointed me to a valuable resource.

This problem is caused by automounter. Solaris was designed to load
/etc/rc2.d/Sxxautofs at start up time to mount NFS to /home so that the
whole network can share one /home. But this is not good for small network
or standalone. So the possible solution to this would be to stop the
autofs or change the name of SXXautofs to sXXautofs.

Jason Lam

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