SUMMARY: SunNet DM & SyMon's traptext

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Date: Sat Dec 27 1997 - 02:28:33 CST

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December 26, 1997

Hello world,

We had been experimenting with the Solstice SyMon and the Domain
Manager v2.3 rel.B to create a network operations center. We wanted
to be able to remotely diagnose/monitor the remote and critical Sun
servers using the SyMon s/w under the umbrella of the Domain Manager.
Here was my problem post:
- ------------------------
> We are trying to integrate our Enterprise 4000 machine's Solstice
> SyMon with our SunNet Domain manager 2.3 r2 ..
> We cannot get any Quick Dump results from the SunNet Mgr., although
> the Quick Dump menu shows the SYMONMIB submenu. We also cannot do
> Event and Data requests.
> For the Event and Data requests, our errors are
> Warning: Request SYMONMIB.sunsymon.1:
> Agent error: Missing attribute: trapText
> For the Quick Dump error:
> No data.
> We have already copied SYMONMIB.oid, SYMONMIB.schema, and
> SYMONMIB.traps and to the /opt/SUNWconn/snm/agents subdirectory.
- ------------------------
Many thanks to the folks who tried to help,

Steve Sun <ssun@BayNetworks.COM>
Robert Angelino <>

But special mention goes to Ken Pepple <>
who pointed out:

> Your problem is a limitation of SyMON. If you look into the
> SyMON MIB, you will find that the only thing defined is a single
> generic trap. There is no variables to be polled for.

I think that explained a lot for me. Anybody else have any ideas
how to create an NOC for critical Sun servers only? Using SNMP?

Thanks again and Happy Holidays to all!!!

Drexx Laggui <>
Senior Systems Engineer, CSA

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