autofs (SUMMARY)

From: Daren L. Eason (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 10:05:10 CST

Thanks to all who replied. I guess that the answer was simple, under
normal circumstances anyway. The normal procedure is to use umount . The
problem I have is that I needed to umount some home directories. I tell
the users that I need to umount them, so they log off. After they have
already logged off, I get the error message that states "/somedir: busy"
. So, for my purpose the most helpful suggestion came from Charles
Cagnon -
# fuser -c /some/directoy

It will return the PID of precesses using it. See if you can kill them
or not
and go back to "umount".

Thank you to all of you who replied.

Daren L. Eason
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