SUMMARY: 2.4 external artecon

From: Robert T. Clift (
Date: Mon Dec 22 1997 - 09:11:51 CST

Thank's Ravi:

My original message:

Hi all,

I have a classic running 2.4 and a external artecon 2GB drive. I get a error
when rebooting like:

DKIOCINFO: Inappropriate ioctl for device
`/dev/dsk/c0t5d0s5` is clean.

The external is has two 1GB partition and is setup as rw in the vfstab and wm
when i formatted it.

Ravi wrote:

 In vfstab, you probably have /dev/dsk/c0t5d0s5 in the column 'device to
fsck'. This has to be the raw device name, i.e. /dev/rdsk/c0t5d0s5

It worked fine. Also thank's to:

Dieter Gobbers <>

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