** [Summary] Installation of GNUgcc

From: Ajay Gautam (ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net)
Date: Fri Dec 19 1997 - 06:20:59 CST

Sorry for the delay - I was out for the past few days.
The original Question was :
My C compiler suppied with solaris has expired. So to create C programs, I
had downloaded a .tgz file containing GNUgcc for Solaris 2.5.

I gunzip 'ed the file. then I untarred it. it created a directory
structure that I think should be created after the installation, here is a
du that is performed on the directory : (to give u people a fir idea of
the structure) :

[.... structure .....]

Now I am not able to install this package or rather I don't know how to do
it. I have been lokking into pkgadd/ pkgrans/pkgmk etc.. for some hint as
how to install a package from a directory tree, for the past 2 hrs or so -
but in vain.

I got a lot of responces and here are some of the important ones :

From: Rob B <rob@trion.com>

here's the URL for gcc on sparc...

gunzip this and use sun's pkgadd.
That should be all there is too it.
ps: you might need toget 'make' as well

My Reply : This was the package that I downloaded
I renamed the file GNUgcc. after
downloading, and here is what I got :
# gunzip gcc.pkg.tgz
# l
total 31832
-rw-rw-rw- 1 root other 16287744 Dec 19 10:21 gcc.pkg.tar
-rw-rw-r-- 1 root sys 4956 Dec 19 10:10 ps_data
# pkgadd -d pcc.pkg.tar
pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
    - open of <pcc.pkg.tar> failed, errno=2
pkgadd: ERROR: could not process datastream from <pcc.pkg.tar>
untarring this package creates the direc. structure I am talking about.
This reply was suggested by
1. JOSEPH AAJ Chackompally <AAJ@necsin.nec.com.sg>
2. wolt@igd.fhg.de
3. "Craig W. Shaver" <craig@tuna.progroup.com>

Please check http://smc.vnet.com/
for precompiled gcc
download it and gunzip it
then do a pkgadd
it will do the work

SPECIAL MENTION : bwalker@sfa.org.uk
He offered to send me the 7MB file. Thanks for the offer pal, but I don't
have that much of disk space in the filesystem that stores our inboxes. I
would prefer to ftp it.


Downloading from the sunfree site is also suggested by :
1. Matthew Stier <Matthew.Stier@tddny.fujitsu.com>
2. Brian Sherwood <sherwood@alux4.micro.lucent.com>
3. Marcos Assis Silva <assis@uel.br>


Among others, suggetstions were also given to create sym. links into the
existsing system to the new dir stru.

But I think I would download it in some free time later.

Anyway thanks for the suggestions and please forgivr me if I missed out on
some emails (they got deleted accidently)

Ajay Gautam...

Ajay Gautam
http://avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net/~ajay (A very dirty page).

Pls. add my email in your jokes list.

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