SUMMARY: Question on creating a DNS subdomain

From: Cathy Smith (
Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 11:35:42 CST


thanks i appreciate the help in debugging the DNS parent's glue records.
although the CNAME record that i asked about is incorrect, removing it
did not solve the problem.

here is a summary of my question:

> the parent is a Sun 4.1.3 machine running NIS, and the original version of
> bind shipped with the OS. the subdomain primary is a Sun 4.1.4 running
> bind 4.9.6 and NIS.
> in the parent domain the following glue records were added:
> IN A
> bigfoot IN CNAME
> portland IN CNAME
> nslookup on the DNS parent resolves only the the alias,
> but not the alias

the actual problem was that internet email to users in the
subdomain was bouncing with the message that portland was
an unknown host. i have since learned that the mail server
is maintained separate from my DNS primary server and did not
receive my request concrning glue records.

the CNAME record for portland is not valid, so i asked the
administrator of the parent domain to remove it. i am
including the comments i received by e-mail.

thanks very much to the people who helped:
Gary Smith <>
John Fusselman <>
Evan Brown <>
Bismark Espinoza <bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov>
Joseph S D Yao <>


Cathy L. Smith
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================================================= From: bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)

In theory, you have delegated authority to the sub-domain.

Therefore, do not declare sub-domain cnames at the domain level. Let the definitions at the sub-domain stay. Remove the ones at the domain level. Let the main server query the sub-domain server for any A-addresses or cnames.

Bismark Espinoza (818) 354-4734

===================================================== From: Joseph S D Yao <>

> does anyone have an idea as to what is happening in the parent domain that is > causing it to be unable to resolve more than 1 CNAME record for the subdomain?

That's not the problem. It's that you're trying to define a network AND a machine Don't jerk your DNS server around like that! ;-)

Joe Yao - Joseph S. D. Yao (temporarily relocated)

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