SUMMARY: mbuf map full

From: Greg Obremski (
Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 14:12:24 CST

(Note: ORiginal mesage is included at the bottom.)

Thanks to the following people who responded so quickly:

Rich Kulawiec <>
Chan Cao <>

Suggestions were:
        Add more RAM
        Up MAXUSERS in the kernel (did that before i got first reply)
        Check and/or apply patches from Sun
        One of them was kind enough to send me a .shar of summaries
        dealing with this exact problem. (Which was fortunate as I did/do
        not have access at work to the summary archive...once again, Don't
        In the summaries was this nugget of information:

        Patch-ID# 102430-02
        Synopsis: SunOS 4.1.4: le patch that fixes sun4m ethernet hang
        BugId's fixed with this patch: 1170392 1163300 1177296 1184046
        Changes incorporated in this version: include the sun4c module
        Date: Jul/26/95

I'm currently searching for the patch on sunsolve, and have already
recompiled the kernel. when the machine dies again (I'd rather it die
than me manually reboot it, its working fine ATM), ill apply the patches
and reboot.

Thank for all your help....


On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Greg Obremski wrote:

> Hi all,,
> Well, it's not in the faq, and it's not inthe 4.1.x manuals, so here I ask...
> vmunix: mbuf map full
> I just had to sit and listen to some tech tell me it was a faulty
> network card...I still don't konw how i didn't strangle him. Somethign
> tells me, strangly enough, that it's runnign out of memory buffers.
> The message directly after tells me le1 has dropped a packet. (I dont
> have the exact message, unfortunatly. Don't ask why. Please don't.)
> I'm theorizing that the machine just ran out of memory to
> buffer incoming traffic. Unfortunatly, because of this, some services are
> no longer working when that message pops up. The machine is currently a
> realtime feed for some 50 or so Market Technical analysis boxes.
> Because of this, I need some kind of fix before my manager authorizes
> some techs to come in and replace the ethernet card in it. It's a
> sparcserver 5, sunos 4.1.4, and 32 megs of ram on it. Somethign tells me
> changing network cards won't fix it, and I don't want to have to explain
> why it was done to the person who did it. (Once again, don't ask.)
> the machine does no nfs serving or mounting whatso ever. It's not on a
> nis map, either. Two interfaces, le1 and le0; le0 is local, le1 is
> exterior. No routing between them, afaik. (I hope not; we'd be seeing a
> ton of dupe inet addresses otherwise.)
> Thanks for any help you can give.
> Greg Obremski
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