SUMMARY: CDE and two monitors

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Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 05:43:14 CST

Original question:
> I' running CDE 1.1 on Solaris 2.6. Two monitors attached.
> I would like to use multiple workspaces on both screens.
> Is it possible to have a CDE main panel with clock, calendar,
> etc., on both screens?

Unfortunaltely, this does not seem to be possible...
Thanks to Wes Pfarner and Rick von Richter for quick replies!


It is my understanding, after some conversation with Sun engineers, that
support of more than one control panel is unsupported at the moment,
but that they are considering it for the future (??).

TriTeal Corp. has a CDE product called TED (TriTeal Enterprise Desktop)
that does support multiple screens with a control panel on each one
and also supports multiple workspace on each.

We have used it for a couple of years and we think that it is as good
as any CDE environment. Try their webpage at
to go further into it. It's not free, but to get what you want, you
sometimes have to invest.



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You can't have CDE main panel on the second screen. It will be another
screen that your mouse can move into. Also, you can't drag windows from
one screen to the next. Here's some info for ya.
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