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Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 16:56:55 CST

Thanks to all who responded. Sorry I did not get the summary back sooner.

Respondees :
Scott Fendley <>
Stefan Voss <>
Peter M Allan <>
"Brian E.W. Wood" <>
Joseph S D Yao <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <>

Original Question :
Question to all,

        Is there a way to filter each print job, ie. I wrote a filter to
take from stdin or from an arguement and print it to the printer with the
cr/lf at the end of the line. Any ideas?


Some of the answers included :

HP jetadmin software for solaris if using HP printers

LPRng from

"Essential System Administration" from A. Frisch (O'Reilly) on page 563.

for SunOS 4.1 you can put of=/usr/local/bin/printfilter in /etc/printcap
and then in printfilter put :
sed -e 's/$/^M/' -

in Solaris try lpfilter

Other ideas included running samba for network printing and doing stuff
with it, renameing lp to lprun or something and put the filter right into
a self written script lp.

Again thanks for all of the great ideas.

                                Bob Bridgham
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