SUMMARY jumpstart not recognizing name service.

From: Gary Franczyk (
Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 12:32:08 CST

Heres my question:#
# I installed jumpstart on a Ultra server yesterday and I am now able to
# jumpstart any machine in the network. It automatically determines the
# timezone and such so taht I dont have to answer any questions...
# for the name service. For some reason, it asks me what name service I
# want. I dont have one running on the network. I am using just
# Does anyone know how to automaticlly answer that question in the
# jumpstart setup?

This is how to do it:

in the bootparams file on the server, (or in the NIS+ table, if youre
running NIS+)
add this text to the end

* install_config=server:/jumpstart_dir ns=server:none(

The answerbook fails to mention the 'ns=server:none('

If you wanted to do this from a nis server, you would have this instead:


or for NIS+:

Thanks to the following sysadmins deserving of a large raise:
Bill Hewitt
David Thornburn-Gundlach
Anders Grund

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