SUMMARY: print services keep dying

From: Irene Kam (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 13:43:23 CST


My original question:

> I have a Ultra-1 running Solaris 2.5. For some reason
> the print daemon just keep dying. When I try to re-start it using
> '/etc/init.d/lp start', it will say 'print services started'. However,
> the lpsched daemon will die right away.
> Anybody has any idea why this is happening?

Following are some helpful suggestions. I try suggestion #2 and
the machine went back to normal. Thanks to:

K. Ravi
Jim Harmon
Matthew Stier
Richard Roberto

Helpful suggestions:

Have you checked your messages and syslog files for error messages?

If not, the next time you start the program, redirect STDERR to the
console so you can see all the error messages as they get generated.

        /etc/init.d/lp start 2>&1 (I think)

Look for corrupt lp request files in
and /var/spool/lp/tmp/<machine_name>. Some of the entries in the file
(hostname, username, file to be printed etc.) may be mangled. Remove
files and start lpsched.

Check to see that /var/spool/lp/temp is a symlink to
/var/spool/lp/tmp/`hostname` for starters. If it is, then try
(after shutting down print services) removing anything in the
/var/spool/lp/fifos directory and perhaps also anything under
/var/spool/lp/requests, then restarting the spooler. Are there any
errors in any of the logs?

The message 'Print services started' is printed by the /etc/init.d/lp
script, not any of the lp processes.

Have you checked the /var/lp/logs files for any hints?

Do you syslog the 'lpr' facility. Have you checked those logs?

Do you have the latest LP system patch installed?



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