SUMMARY: How send output on XWindow ewmulator

From: Antonino Sanacori (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 02:03:30 CST

Here some method advised me :

First, you have to allow on your 2.4 machine to display from your 2.6
machine. For that, after running openwindows or CDE, type
      xhost + hostname_to_authorize

and then on remote_machine:

1) setenv DISPLAY machine_name :0.0 if UR using csh shell
   set DISPLAY machine_name:0.0 if UR using sh shell.

or on local_machine:

2) rsh remote_host "setenv DISPLAY local_machine:0.0; program_to_


3) rsh <remotehost> xterm -d <localhost>:0.0 -e <app-name> [args]

    -d = "display", or the location to open your window (your local
       host must set "xhost +" first, to enable the xserver to accept
       remote clients

    -e = "execute" a remote command/program

     <remotehost> = Solaris 2.6 system
     <localhost> = Solaris 2.4 system
     <app-name> = is the invocation of your program on the Sol 2.6

     [args] = any command arguments/options etc. required by
                    the <app-name> being invoked.

Many thanks to:

Shivakumar D.R. Philip Barone
Mariel Feder Jonathan Loh
John D. Groenveld Jim Harmon
Lorandi M. Alberto Benjamin Cline

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