SUMMARY: Restoring /usr within mini -root via tape

From: Jason L. Harrell (
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 08:06:47 CST

Many of you replied that way I went about doing this was more or less
correct. The one thing that made this successful was making sure the
guy 'cded' into /a and did the ufsrestore. We did this before but at
the time it didn't work. Now all of a sudden it works! It's highly
probable that the user didn't cd into /a when he said he did. Oh well.
Again, much thanks guys.


p.s. Below is my orig. post

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I have a client who's / and /usr file system are screwed up. I sent him
instructions on how to restore / or any other file system. He
successfully restored the / dir. but when he went to repeat the same
step for /usr he could use the ufsrestore command. Funny thing about all
this is that at some points when he had "/usr (/dev/dsk/c0t3d0s6)" mount
on /a he couldn't even ls or umount. Can someone help me understand
what I did wrong? I told him to:
boot cdrom -s
newfs /dev/rdsk/c$t$d$s$
fskc /dev/rdsk/c$t$d$s$
mount /dev/dsk/c$t$d$s$ /a
cd /a
ufsrestore rvf /dev/rmt/#
. . . . (some other stuff)

this worked to restore / from tape. Why is it that (asided from there
not being a /usr dir) he can't restore /usr from tape using ufsrestore?


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