SUMMARY: Shell Idle Timeouts.

From: Harry Ford (
Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 10:16:18 CST

Thanks you all for your responces. Two Solutions: the TMOUT environment
variable for ksh users, and a program called idled available at (now in version 1.16).

 My users are all running the Bourne Shell, so I'm going to go with idled
which looks like more than i need already.

My original post is below. Thank you all very much (too many names to type
in :)

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Sorry -- my previous post spazzed

Running SunOS4.1.3 on Sparc5

So, I Have users logging in from this network provider, so effectively they
all come in through a router called "remote-net". This provider charges us
by the minute, and my users are not too tidy abou cleaning up their
sessions after they're done so I spend enormous amounts of money on time
spent Idle.

Is there a sun utility that will log only these "remote-net" users out
after a certain idle time? I was thinking about writing a script to do it
via cron job, but I was hoping for something cleaner.

Thanks very much,

 Harry Ford * * Market News Service, New York, NY

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