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From: Scott P. Daffron (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 10:56:58 CST

Sorry that this took so long to get back out.

Original question:

In the past, I have used a ciso router with a modem
attatched to the aux port to accomplish my system paging. I simply map
the modem to a tcp port on the router, and then use scripts that telnet to
that port and echo the correct strings to accomplish the paging.
I would like to do the same with a Solaris 2.6 box, but after looking
around I am a little lost on where to start. Is there a way to map a
specific tcp port on my workstation to the serial port to which the modem
is attached? Any help is greatly appreciated and will summarize for the


just look at sendpage | Amanul Haque <>
just look at sendpage |
3rd party ap at
                                | Daniel Beaudry <>
rtty from and
rtelnet from Annax | <>

Thanks to all.

Scott Daffron
Asst. Systems Engineer
Computer Science Dept.
Old Dominion University

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