SUMMARY: Communicator and Pop

From: Charles Gagnon (charlesg@Nynexst.COM)
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 10:41:21 CST

Recently I asked:

> I upgraded my pop server and now the Communicator clients are having
> problems. The only differences are:
> - The machine name "popsvr" poeple put in their config is now a alias (or
> CNAME entry) in the DNS instead of explicit machine name. The "actual"
> name of the machine is something else.
> - I upgraded the pop daemon. I'm now running Qualcomm's QPopper 2.4.

and thanks to everyone who took the time to respond:

   Chris Tubutis
   Johnie Stafford
   Bismark Espinoza
   Benjamin Cline
   Johnie Stafford
   David Schiffrin
   Mike Chang
   D Parsons

I had to let go this problem since the client doesn't want us to support
Communicator in our environment. They prefer Chameleon (don't ask...).

I did get a chance to look at one of the problem stations and turns out he was
not running the lastest version like he thought.

I told him to install 4.04 and let me know who things go.

Thanks a mil.

TTYL and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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