PRE-SUMMARY: Cannot boot from CDROM.

From: Salvador Ramirez (
Date: Wed Nov 26 1997 - 00:57:55 CST

Mi original message was:
> I cannot boot a Sun Sparc 4 from a local scsi sun cdrom, i have no
> operating system in this machine and the probe-scsi-all at eeprom level
> show me the cdrom perfectly..
> What i should do for to can boot it from the CDROM?

Well, in this message i forgot to include that ROM rev is 2.24 and i have
tried to boot with "boot cdrom" but unsuccessfully (the system do nothing
and the command never returns the EEPROM prompt again).

I have received several responses that i should to put the CDROM as target
6, then i do that and tried to boot and the system stand to the same old
Another responses suggest to boot with: "boot sd(0,6,2)" but it is used
only for old ROMs... well, i have not included this information on my
first message ...

Still waiting for a possible solution . . .

For now thanks to:

Jim Harmon <>
bismark@alta.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Bismark Espinoza)
"G. Dimitoglou" <>
Matthew Stier <>
"Daniel L. Mercer" <>
"Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific)" <>

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